Deadline: 04.03.2022

Inclusive Climate Action Manager, North America/

C40 Cities
United States

Position Description

The Inclusive Climate Action Manager will support the ‘deep-dive technical and political support’  work of the Global Green New Deal programme in North America under the guidance of the Head of the Global Green New Deal programme and Regional Director of North America. This includes dedicated technical assistance and support to the existing North American Global Green New Deal pilot as well as supporting city, regional and global coalition building, the peer-to-peer networking and co-learning and the regional and global diplomacy work stream for a wider cohort of North American cities. The manager will work with C40 colleagues and relevant city officials to develop scopes of work, procure consultancy support, provide guidance and review on deliverables and coordinate each city’s collection of technical assistance products to ensure they meet city needs and overall programme objectives.

The ideal candidate will have a background in inclusive climate action and policy knowledge in climate mitigation and adaption. They will have understanding of just transition, workforce development strategies, and green job creation within key sectors of climate action and the interface between climate action and inequality in the US urban context. The candidate will ideally bring experience working with labor unions, civil society and environmental justice stakeholders. The candidate will also have experience and understanding of delivery and monitoring climate action within cities; and project management and communication skills.

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