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Lightsource bp
United Kingdom

About Lightsource bp


Lightsource bp is a global leader in the development and management of solar energy projects. We are a 50:50 joint venture with bp with a mission to help drive the world’s transition to low carbon energy. With solar set to increase tenfold in the next 20 years, we are well-positioned to capitalise on this growth. By joining the Lightsource bp team, you will ‘be the change’ on the world’s energy transition to a more sustainable future.


We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit as we continue to push the boundaries of an ever-changing energy landscape. By choosing a career with us, you can expect a challenging and fulfilling role surrounded by people who are passionate and have brilliant ideas about sustainable technology, innovation and making the world a better place.


What You’ll do (the role)


As a global leader in our sector, Lightsource bp’s core contribution to global sustainability is in developing responsible solar projects across the globe, helping our energy landscape decarbonise.


We recognise that the rising need for energy must be met through sustainable sources to address the climate crises. Our people and partners truly care about the impact of our business activities on decarbonising the world’s energy landscape, and this drives our commitment and continued effort to integrate sustainable business practices into everything we do.


Over the last two years, we have developed our sustainability strategy that promotes the growth and accessibility of solar power across the world, and demonstrates our commitment towards being a global force for good through our business activities and partnerships.

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