Deadline: 02.04.2023

European Network Coordinator/

European Community Land Trust Network
United Kingdom

About Community Land Trusts
Community Land Trusts (CLTs) reimagine the
fundamental components of land and housing to
offer a proven solution to common challenges we
face in achieving a just transition. Across the UK,
Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain
there are over 400 CLTs.
CLTs are non-profit, democratic, community-led
organisations. They develop and manage homes
that are affordable to low and middle income
households, as well as other assets that contribute
to thriving local communities. They act as long-term
stewards of these assets, ensuring they remain
permanently affordable.
About the Network
To connect and catalyse the movement, we are now
in a position to launch a European CLT Network with
financial support from Laudes Foundation and World
Habitat. The Network will launch in June 2023 at the
International Social Housing Festival in Barcelona.
Our vision is that CLTs become recognised as a
mainstream option for affordable, inclusive and
sustainable land use and housing across Europe.
Our mission is to enable the growth of CLTs across
Europe and support them to maximise their
long-term social and environmental impact.
For more information about the European CLT
Network see our summary presentation deck here
and website

The role
Context for the role
As Network Coordinator, your mission will be to
deliver on the Network’s objectives to spread new
economic thinking, influence public policy and
change market practice.
As a newly forming Network, you will be the first
staff member of the European CLT Network
Secretariat and will work with the Community Land
Trust Brussels team who have been ‘incubating’ the
Network as it transitions to a standalone
organisation. One of your first activities will be to
appoint the wider Network Secretariat. You will be
accountable to the Network’s Board and General
The process of forming this new Network will be a
messy and creative one for which you will need
strong soft skills to be successful and to support
others in the Secretariat and Network Members

About the role (2)
The role
Values to align with Responsibilities
You will:
● Lead the development and delivery of the Network
strategic plan, working with the Secretariat staff,
Network membership and Board of Trustees.
● Ensure the Secretariat develops and delivers projects
and services that are valued by Network Members and
support objectives set out in the strategic plan.
● Lead on the Network’s advocacy strategy, developing
the Network’s connections and profile.
● Lead the development of partnerships with
stakeholders, including industry, non-profits and
● Lead on Network development and fundraising to
ensure financial sustainability.
● Work with the Board of Trustees to ensure the Network
is well governed and managed.
We are small, non-profit, mission-led start-up with big
ambitions for changing the land and housing status quo.
We are a membership-led Network.
We emphasise learning and experimentation and view
how we work as an evolving design.
We vision and empower horizontal ways of working,
collective leadership and capacity building, as well as
mutual learning.
We believe in a commons based approach to land and

About the role (3)
The role
Strategic awareness and direction – can confidently set
direction based on member needs and policy and industry
trends. Can position the network as a collaborative space for
learning, problem-solving, advocacy and other forms of
collective action.
Communicating and influencing – a strong communicator who
can ensure that the organisation is communicating effectively
(with the Secretariat, Network Members and externally). Can
influence others and encourage buy-in to the Network’s
strategy and objectives.
Flexible and horizontal working – can develop a working
environment in which the Secretariat and Members feel they are
trusted to be creative, to take managed risks and lead.
Relationships and partnerships – can engage with a diverse
range of stakeholders, including Network Members, influential
stakeholders and funders, and build strong alliances and
working partnerships with communities, non-profits and
industry players.
At least ten years of work experience which includes:
● Forming and leading networks/member based organisations.
● Leading organisational development.
● Managing an organisation.
● Directing, developing and implementing strategies.
● Working with membership-led volunteer Boards of Trustees.
● Developing and guiding effective teams.
● Fundraising with philanthropic and public funders.
● Developing stakeholder collaborations (e.g. with
communities, non-profits and industry).
● Fluent English language. Additional languages are a strong
● Preferably, a proven ability to work in a multicultural context.
● Preferably, a strong understanding of land and housing

About the role (4)
The role
The details
Location: Preferably in Brussels, Belgium. Other
locations that already have CLTs, such as the UK,
Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France or Spain can
be considered.
Contract: Permanent, with funding guaranteed until
end 2025. 80%-100% based on 38h working week.
Pay: 56,000 – 61,000 Euros (full time equivalent)
plus additional benefits. This pay band is
representative of a Brussels based staff member.
Start-date: Ideally 1 June 2023. The Network
Coordinator should be able to join for the launch of
the Network at the International Social Housing
Festival on 7-9 June, even if not yet in post.
Expenses will be covered.
How to apply
Application process: Please fill in this form and
email your CV to [email protected] We will then
shortlist applicants for an interview.
Deadline: By 2 April.
We encourage applications from diverse
backgrounds and experiences.
You can read more about the Network in our
summary presentation deck here.
Contact us at [email protected]

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