Japanese engineers develop earthquake-resistant ‘CLT checkered block wall’

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A team of engineers at japan-based firm kozo keikaku kunkyusho has developed an earthquake-resistant ‘CLT checkered block wall.’ the system simply comprises cross-laminated timber panels organized in a checkered pattern, steel plates, and drift pins. the solution accounts for seismic integrity, daylighting, passive ventilation, and beautiful design.

kengo kuma & associates is currently designing the himawari kindergarten, or ‘children’s garden.’ the architects will team up with kozo keikaku kunkyusho and employ this earthquake-resistant solution.

By using the earthquake resistant CLT checkered block wall, the kozo keikaku kenkyusho notes that it is possible to secure the lighting and ventilation — which were the issues of the panel construction method with a wall structure — and to realize a CLT building with thoughtful design and workability. together with the modular construction strategy, the team hopes to further develop its application as a seismic element for other constructions including those built from steel and reinforced concrete. stay tuned for more information as the architects at kengo kuma & associates further develops its himawari kindergarten.

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