The science behind the decarbonisation of the built environment/

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6 December, 2023


European Union


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According to the IPCC, climate mitigation in buildings can be advanced at each of the design, construction, retrofit, use and disposal stages of the life cycle. Moreover, sufficiency measures can limit the demand for energy and materials over the lifecycle of buildings1. The decarbonisation of buildings and construction is a key aspect of the European Green Deal. The European Commission has proposed several policy initiatives to meet this objective, such as revisions of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). In Europe and other developed economies, renovation of buildings is a significant challenge. Action at the district level can be effective in tackling various barriers at scale. The complexity of the challenges and opportunities faced by the built environment in a climate neutral future call for a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. In addition, social and environmental goals can be achieved simultaneously in the built environment, using participatory approaches and justice-aware interventions. The session will present European policies and initiatives in relation to the contribution of buildings and construction to climate mitigation and offer a forum for discission on some of the implications for the built environment and the wider society.

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