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5 November, 2023


Utzon Center


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FEB 2nd 2023 TO NOV 5th 2023

Art and craftsmanship in new Danish architecture. Find inspiration for a sustainable future with beauty and a new aesthetic. And ask yourself the question: Could you live in a clay house?

SUPER DANISH is an opportunity to meet 14 Danish architects and architecture firms. They are intent on creating a future, in which craftsmanship flourishes, paving the way for new Danish architecture and furniture design.

The exhibition features architects who are with you all the way. They discuss things closely with people in the places and environments in which they build. They are involved in every element of the work they create.

In the architect’s workshop

The architects conduct experiments with materials, transformation and assembly techniques. They design everything from door handles and furniture to actual buildings and the landscapes outside them.

Many of the architects have their own workshops. When translating a design into something real, several of them build themselves,.

In other words, they have rediscovered the classic values of Danish architecture. Just as Danish masters such as Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon believed in an artisanal approach to modern architecture, new Danish architecture is not about abstract or superficial design.

The new architecture firms and architects are driven by love, technique, craftsmanship and a sense of materials.

For them, sustainability is paramount. They will also show you how new and old  craftsmanship can both form the basis for incredibly beautiful, sustainable, relevant Danish architecture.

Could you live in a clay house?

The exhibition features the architects’ work in every conceivable scale. A bench, a chair and a church door. An allotment hut and a concrete factory. A birdwatching tower? Yes, even that.

There is a primitive cabin, in which the planks are almost knitted together, a ruby-red multi-storey car park and a fieldstone/earth wall. You will encounter amazing materials such as seagrass, pigmented limestone, crushed bricks and a fragile bioplastic throne.

And you can walk up a 13-metre-long, colourful, patterned brick path that extends right through the exhibition.

These architecture firms create unique architecture and craftsmanship in real life. The exhibition presents a collection of material studies, prototypes, models, furniture, building elements and entire spatial experiences that are works in themselves.

There is an abundance of inspiration to take home. You will gain renewed respect for practical skills and what talented, practical people can create together.

There are challenges too. After all, what is ‘beauty’? If we are to take care of the climate and our beautiful world, we are compelled to build differently in the future.

 But could you live in a clay house?

You can meet the following architects in the exhibition: Hahn Lavsen, Hald & Ravnborg, Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter, Jonathan Houser, Lynge Lynge Arkitekter, NOAA, Office Kim Lenschow, Panum & Kappel, Peter Kjær Arkitekter, Reværk, Rex Skov Arkitekter, Jespersen Nødtvedt, Pihlmann Architects og Verna.

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