Embodied Carbon Bootcamp and Symposium for Structural Engineers/

Organiser: University of Colorado Boulder

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25 July, 2024


University of Colorado Boulder


United States


Boulder, Colorado


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Join us in Boulder, Colorado, July 25 to July 27, 2024
Two-day bootcamp followed by a one-day symposium

This event is designed to be an onramp for structural engineers looking to become leaders in embodied carbon. Join us for three days of focused discussion on embodied carbon, networking with fellow structural engineers and enjoying the summer in Boulder.

  • Days one and two will engage attendees in classroom-style instruction to bring everybody up to speed on the fundamentals and best practices.
  • Day three will be a symposium with both academic and practitioners presenting on advancements in how structural engineers can engage in embodied carbon.

Registration is flexible (by day), so join for just day one, day one and two, or all three!

Symposium: Embodied Carbon in Structural Engineering

The symposium will consist of presentations from academics and practitioners on best practices for assessing and reducing embodied carbon of structural systems. 10-15 minute presentations are solicited from academics and practitioners. All attendees are encouraged to submit a topic, and sessions will be organized based upon the submissions.

  • Case study projects with an embodied carbon focus
  • “Stealth sustainability” — how has embodied carbon wins been achieved without it being a primary project goal?
  • Addressing embodied carbon within firms — how has your firm approached this?
  • Current research in embodied carbon
  • Others topics are welcome!

Submit your presentation topic

Nifty Ideas and Fancy Flops

Do you have a nifty idea on embodied carbon that you have been trying on your projects or in your firm? Or a ‘flop’ that hasn’t worked out quite how you imagined? Present a single slide for five minutes at the symposium during an afternoon session. Share your idea through the link below and Jay will get in touch with you!

Submit your nifty idea or fancy flop

Embodied Carbon Bootcamp

Day 1: Thursday, July 25

Day one of the bootcamp will focus on ensuring all attendees are fluent in the language of embodied carbon. Through a combination of lecture-style instruction and interactive workshops, attendees will learn the fundamentals of embodied carbon and best practices for incorporating embodied carbon measurement and reduction strategies into their designs. Come to the afternoon workshop with a project that you want to measure the embodied carbon of!

Morning (8 a.m.-12 p.m.)

  • Session 1: Embodied carbon 101 for structural engineers
  • Session 2: How to calculate embodied carbon
  • Session 3: Using EC3 and Environmental Product Declarations

Break (12 p.m.- 2 p.m.): Catch-up on your email, grab lunch, go for a hike or all three!

Afternoon (2 p.m.-5 p.m.)

  • Session 4: Embodied carbon workflows
  • Session 5: Workshop: calculate the embodied carbon of a structural system

Day 2: Friday, July 26

Day two of the bootcamp will bring attendees up to speed with the latest best practices for addressing embodied carbon as a structural engineer. Presentation topics will include design strategies, engaging with architects and contractors, insights into the upcoming SEI Prestandard, an overview of building codes and legislation, and discussions on SE 2050.

Morning (8 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

  • Session 6: Exploring design strategies to reduce embodied carbon through case studies
  • Session 7: Engaging architects
  • Session 8: Engaging contractors

Break (12 p.m.-2 p.m.): Catch-up on your email, grab lunch, go for a hike or all three!

Afternoon (2 p.m.-5 p.m.)

  • Session 9: Using the SEI Prestandard for assessing embodied carbon
  • Session 10: Comparing the embodied carbon of structural systems
  • Session 11: Embodied carbon in building codes and legislation
  • Session 12: The SE 2050 commitment program

Evening (6 p.m.-onwards): Informal drinks and dinner on Pearl Street

Symposium: Embodied Carbon in Structural Engineering

Day 3: Saturday, July 27

8 a.m.-4 p.m .with breakfast and lunch included in registration. Sessions to be arranged based upon submissions.


Bootcamp Instructors and Symposium Organizers:

Jay Arehart, PhD
Teaching Assistant Professor, CU Boulder
Co-Founder Preoptima

Trained as an architectural engineer, Jay worked as a structural designer prior to completing his PhD investigating the carbon storage potential of materials and buildings. Jay currently teaches graduate courses on embodied carbon and sustainable building design at CU Boulder in addiiton to undergraduate architectural engineering courses. Jay is a co-chair of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Sustainability Committee and has been leading the development of an SEI Prestandard for assessing the embodied carbon of structural systems.

Luke Lombardi, PE
Senior Sustainability Consultant, Los Angeles

Luke Lombardi is a bridge-person for sustainability in the built environment. Luke’s background and education as a structural engineer is central to his understanding of materials and construction practices. Luke has become an emerging leader in embodied carbon through actively participating in the SE 2050 program and co-leading the local Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) Hub in Los Angeles since its inception in 2020. As a member of the Buro Happold sustainability team, he conducts life cycle assessment studies and consults to mitigate embodied carbon emissions. He hopes to maximize the potential of both new and existing buildings through innovative design strategies and principles of circularity to specification review and mindful material procurement.

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