BES Pavillion/

H&P Architects

Viet Nam

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Ha Tinh / Viet Nam



Year (Design/Construction):

- / 2013

Area (Net/Gross):

123 m2 / -
Operational Carbon emissions

Operational Carbon emissions (B6) kgCO2e/m2/y:

Embodied Carbon emissions

Embodied Carbon emissions (A1-A3) kgCO2e/m2:

  • The building is fully constructed from local bamboo earth and stone.
  • Local vernacular techniques are deployed to minimise material waste.
  • Bamboo elements can be easily disassembled at end of building life.

BES pavilion is a service space for the local community, which provides a space to facilitate local art and culture. Located in the central Ha Tinh city, BES (Bamboo + Earth + Stone) is constructed using local materials and traditional building methods through which it seeks to provide a space to strengthen the local community.

The pavillion includes a variety of separated spaces which are arranged freely around a centre courtyard in order to create numerous views out to the surrounding streetscape. The structure also allows an interesting play between light and shadow which was an idea explored by the architects from early design stages. The threshold was also designed to blur the lines of exterior and interior  and to create a connection between nature and the interior space.

Local community members were also included in the design process where they helped to develop both a brief as well as share vernacular design processes . They in turn were educated in architecture and design, specifically in the importance of natural low carbon materials , which will prove useful as many locals design and build their own homes. It will allow the local community to create a more environmentally conscious architecture as well as better homes for the future.


  • Architect In Charge: Doan Thanh Ha & Tran Ngoc Phuong
  • Team: Chu Kim Thinh
  • Contractor: HPA Viet nam jsc
  • Photographs: Tran Tuan Trung, Tran Ngoc Phuong


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