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The Biodiversity and Environmental Stakeholder Map is an interactive tool designed to outline the essential steps that are crucial for the successful implementation of biodiversity and environmental initiatives within the Built Environment Sector. This comprehensive resource not only highlights the key milestones but also identifies the pivotal stakeholders who play integral roles.

Crafted through extensive consultations with the BNG & ENG Task Group, this map incorporates valuable insights gathered from industry experts. Additionally, it underwent rigorous desktop research, ensuring a well-rounded perspective and enriching its content.

The Biodiversity and Environmental Stakeholder Map encapsulates the most current and reliable knowledge amassed by the UKGBC, representing their steadfast belief in the optimal and appropriate course of action for sustainable development.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of environmental conservation, the map remains open to revisions. Future iterations will integrate additional roles and insights gleaned from ongoing research and emerging information.

How to use

  • Move your cursor over each element for a brief description.
  • You can also click on the elements and arrows to view detailed information in the left-hand side panel.
  • Additionally, utilize the filter in the labels at the top of the map to sort stakeholders by their respective sectors.

At a Glance

Jump to each stage by clicking on the list below:

  • Strategy stage
  • Design stage
  • Biodiversity baseline assessment stage
  • Report Application stage
  • Implementation stage
  • Long-term Maintenance, Monitoring and Reporting stage


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