Architect behind the landmark straw school building: It’s time to get back to basics

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While the construction industry is among the top contributors of the world’s CO2 emissions, it has shown remarkable resilience to exploring readily available alternatives to building materials that are the culprits. Whether it is convenience or lack of vision, switching to bio-based materials would require a big player in the field to become a trailblazer. Henning Larsen is just that.

The internationally renowned architectural studio has been working with ‘Design with Knowledge’ for more than a decade. While it is celebrated for projects such as the Harpa concert hall in Reykjavík, or Cockle Bay Park in Sydney, one of its smallest projects may yet prove to be of great significance.

The studio partnered with EcoCocon to build a school extension made of straw in Denmark. A testing ground for bio-based materials and their use in the mainstream.

With the success of Feldballe, we got excited about what it might mean for the sector. We sat down with Magnus Reffs Kramhøft, Lead Design Architect at Henning Larsen and the mastermind behind the project.

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