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Holcim Foundation
The climate emergency is a global challenge, with local, national, and planetary dimensions the likes of which the world has yet to face. Since buildings and construction are responsible for 37% of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions(*) the sector must play a critical role in preventing global warming beyond 1.5°C.Empowering the next generationThe Holcim Foundation aims to support the industry transformation needed for climate adaptation and mitigation in the built environment to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our time. Empowering the next generation of professionals in the building and construction industry is key to turning this vision into reality. The two-day workshop identified a set of ideas on how the Holcim Foundation can best partner and support the industry’s rising stars on achieving transformation at scale.

“We are at a time of climate emergency, and we are keenly aware that while it does not affect all of us in the same way – we need to act now!” said Meriem Chabani (France), architect, urban planner and founding partner at New South.


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