SYGD Masterclass: Kelly Alvarez Doran – Less is Less

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We are pleased to announce an upcoming series of masterclasses.

Discover a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of sustainability through our upcoming Masterclass Series. Commencing on May 26, this exclusive series features renowned experts who possess extensive knowledge in the field of sustainability.

Embark on a transformative learning experience with our inaugural masterclass, “Less is Less,” led by the esteemed Kelly Alvarez Doran scheduled on 26th May at 2 p.m. UTC+1.

Attendance for these masterclasses is completely free. Seize this opportunity and register now to secure your spot.

To join the masterclass, simply use the provided links, connecting you to the platforms hosting the event. These platforms have been carefully selected to ensure a seamless and enriching experience for all participants. We encourage anyone passionate about sustainability to take part and expand their knowledge.

Immerse yourself in this exceptional opportunity to learn from distinguished experts in the field. Be prepared to be inspired.

LinkedIn:  Masterclass: Less is Less

Facebook: Masterclass: Less is Less

YouTube:  Masterclass: Less is Less

Introducing Kelly Alvarez Doran: 

As Senior Director of Performance and Provenance at MASS Design Group, Kelly supports Principals and Designers to embed environmental objectives into all MASS projects, as well as leading climate-focused research and the training of our entire team.
Previously, Kelly led MASS’s’ Kigali office overseeing the growth of the practice from a team of 8 to 80 over five years. He led the design and implementation of several of MASS’s projects across East Africa, notably the award-winning Munini District Hospital and Rwanda Ministry of Health’s Typical Hospital Plans; Nyarugenge District Hospital, headquarters for One Acre Fund and Andela in Kenya; and the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture.
Kelly holds professorships at the Bartlett and University of Toronto, where his Ha/f Research Studio focuses on the whole life carbon of the built environment. The outcomes of this research have informed the ongoing development of embodied carbon policies for the City of Toronto and surrounding municipalities.



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