Sustainability and Energy Policy Manager/


Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Science, Law, Policy, or Economics, or equivalent practical experience
  • 7 years of experience working with the various institutions of government, including local, national, regional, and international executive agencies, legislatures, regulators, and other policy making bodies

Preferred qualifications:

  • Master’s degree or MBA in public policy, business administration, sustainability, energy, climate, or other relevant topics
  • 5 years of experience working with energy, sustainability, circular economy, and/or climate policy issues in the Asia-Pacific region, and with industry associations and sustainability stakeholders

About the job

As a member of Google’s Government Affairs and Public Policy team, you’ll be part of a diverse global government affairs team, working across regions, product areas, and functions. You’ll combine creativity and intellectual excellence with the organizational skills to manage various campaigns, projects and initiatives. In this role, you’ll advocate for Google to bring external perspectives back into the company to inform our perception and direction. You’re passionate about the opportunity to shape the future of how we use and build technology for everyone.

In this role, you will develop and advance public policy measures primarily in the Asia-Pacific region that enable deployment of artificial intelligence for climate and energy in support of Google product teams and society more broadly, affect Google business teams on issues related to sustainability-related financial reporting, environmental claims, circular economy for devices and hardware, water, and more, and enable carbon-free energy supply for Google data centers and suppliers, as well as non-energy decarbonization policy measures affecting Google’s supply chain.

Google takes its responsibilities seriously, including engaging with government and other stakeholders on important public policy challenges. The Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) team leads the company’s engagement with executive branch officials, legislators, regulators and third-parties in the formation of public policy. Working closely with Google leaders, GAPP seeks to identify key policy issues, listen carefully to others’ views and opinions, and distill and share the company’s perspective on those issues with external stakeholders. While we focus on challenges affecting the internet, our issue areas are increasingly broad and encompass many areas where public policy, business, and technology intersect.


  • Develop and advance sustainability and energy policy positions on issues affecting Google business teams in APAC, including climate- and sustainability-related financial reporting, environmental claims regulation, circular economy policy for devices and hardware, water policy, and climate-related trade policy.
  • Develop and advance public policy measures that can enable deployment of artificial intelligence for climate and energy in APAC, and facilitate product partnerships and engagement with governments.
  • Advance energy and sustainability policy objectives to enable carbon-free energy supply for Google data centers and suppliers, and non-energy decarbonization policy measures.
  • Drive advocacy efforts directly and through trade associations, industry partners, non-profit groups, and other allies to advance Google’s sustainability and energy priorities.
  • Lead strategic evaluations of sustainability and climate policy environments, sustainability trends, and stakeholder interests in APAC to assess risks and opportunities for Google’s business teams.


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