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The Climate Champions Team

The role

The Head of Systems Transformation will play a pivotal role in the
Climate Champions’ team. Their responsibilities include shaping our
overall system change strategy, then leading a team of expert
thinkers and inspiring campaigners to deliver high impact
outcomes for a resilient, 1.5C aligned world.

Duration Full time role (over 36 months)

Contract duration 3 years
Remuneration level £100K – £120K, depending on experience and location. The
remuneration is inclusive of pension, annual leave and all benefits
Start date 1 January 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter

Location Flexible – we are actively seeking candidates in the MENA, Africa and

LaTAM regions however welcome applications from all over the world..
We are a global team, so the role may require some travel.

Annual leave 6 weeks unpaid leave

Reporting to CC Global Executive Director

Other ● The candidate is expected to work from home, with
occasional travel as and when requested.
● In some locations, a collaborative office space may be
● The candidate is expected to provide and maintain their own
ICT and work tools.
● Out of town travel and other work related expenses will be
reimbursed in line with the travel and expense policy

Recruitment process Submit your CV and brief cover letter (no more than one A4 page) to
[email protected]
Please mention ‘Head of Systems Transformation’ in the subject
of your email.
The post is open to independent contractors and job seekers, as
well as employees who can secure a secondment agreement with
their employer.
Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, with interviews
taking place virtually.
The Climate Champions Team


The Climate Champions Team provides support to the UNFCCC High Level Climate
Champions to deliver on the mandate from Parties: to drive climate action and enhance
ambition by non-state actors. Working with the Marrakech Partnership and other partners,
we mobilise businesses, investors, cities, regions and civil society and act as a bridge between
non-state actors and national governments to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. At
COP26, the two serving High Level Climate Champions launched a five year plan to deliver on
the mandate from Parties. It sets out objectives and details of the tools employed to achieve
them, across six key functions for the work of the Climate Champions Team for the period
2021 – 2025.

The global team is resourced to support the major campaigns Race to Resilience, Race to
Zero and Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), as well as sector-focused systems
transformation using the Climate Action Pathways and 2030 Breakthroughs. Alongside this,
we are continuing to strengthen the accountability mechanisms of the campaigns and
assess the overall state of systems transformation as we prepare to support the global

Our Head of Systems Transformation role will suit mission driven individuals that thrive in
fast-paced, ever-evolving and diverse teams. You will be comfortable juggling different
priorities and balancing multiple – and at times – competing demands and work in ways
which are highly collaborative and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders at all levels
and across all sectors of the economy, policy and society.


As the Head of Systems Transformation, you will have primary responsibility for shaping and
implementing the Climate Champions’ Systems Transformation objectives and strategies,
working closely with the High Level Climate Action Champions and their Senior Leadership
Team. The successful candidate will provide leadership to our team of sector leads, working
with a talented team and partners across the sectors, governments, investor networks and
not-for-profit organisations.

1. Set the vision for, and deliver, our Systems Transformation work. This scope covers real
economy sectors and natural earth systems.
The Climate Champions Team

2. Devise a structured portfolio of campaigning objectives to align global systems with the
most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement. This requires a comprehensive systems
approach and systems change tools, understanding change levers and tipping points,
considering demand and supply side actors, finance, employee and civil society groups,
among others.

3. Lead, directly manage, and occasionally recruit a diverse, internationally based Systems
Transformation team of expert thinkers and system-level campaigners. Guide, inspire,
motivate and mentor all team members as appropriate. Create a highly collaborative
change-oriented environment using best-practice techniques to deliver change.

4. Engage with senior stakeholders across all sectors and their climate action initiatives to
build and amplify momentum in the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience. Support the High
Level Champions and their Senior Leadership Team with appropriate Systems
Transformation materials for high level engagements.

5. Identify campaigns and initiatives that will bring high impact outcomes to COP28 and
beyond. Push for new, radical collaborations across all types of sectors, geographies, and
non-state actors (businesses, investors, cities, regions, states).

6. Working with the Champions’ Project Management Office (PMO) team, curate the tools and
methods for systems transformation in the Champions’ team, and maintain shared
resources for systems change using a full suite of online tools to support delivery activities of
the whole team

7. Ensure integration of the Systems Transformation work with the Marrakech Partnership to
support the operationalization of the ‘Improved Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate
Action for Enhancing Ambition 2021 – 2025”.

8. Act as a bridge to national governments to ensure Systems Transformation ambition and
action under the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience deliver elevated ambition in Nationally
Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement as well as alignment of COVID
recovery investments with the transition to net zero emissions.

9. Represent the sectors’ NSA communities in co-creating ambitious plans with current and
incoming COP presidency teams.
As this is a new and fast evolving team, the responsibilities are not set in stone. Rather, we
expect the post holder to be adaptable and help develop the function in line with the
changing requirements.

About you
The successful candidate will have acquired deep experience of Systems Transformation and
team leadership. You will be a highly motivated self-starter, happy working across different
The Climate Champions Team
cultures and regions in a high-profile, fast-paced environment. You are able to exercise sound
judgement in engaging diverse sectors and are experienced at building coalitions and
fostering collaboration across a wide range of actors.


● Strong understanding of system change theory, with practical experience across real
economy sectors and earth systems, preferably with exposure to emerging markets
and developing countries, and an excellent grasp of the levers of change to achieve
the objectives of the Paris Agreement
● Numerically literate with a robust understanding of multilateral political processes.
Familiarity with the mandate of the UNFCCC High Level Climate Action Champions
and related partners including the COP Presidency, the Marrakech Partnership and
the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Secretariat highly desirable
● Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, with a real commitment to supporting the
wellbeing and the effectiveness of others
● Proven track record of engaging effectively with senior level/C-suite public and private
sector leaders
● Outstanding team, process and project management skills, with ability to juggle
multiple priorities and deadlines, and bringing out the best in a diverse team across a
broad range of global geographies and time zones
● Excellent communications skills, verbal and written, with strong analytical skills and
attention to detail
● Collaborative and collegial working style, with flexibility and agility to grow in the role
and shape activity to the evolving requirements of the Directors
● Determination to support ambitious climate action, and a commitment to the
Climate Champions core values (below)
The Climate Champions Team

Core Values
● Unite behind the science: we commit to make the changes scientists tell us are
● Build upon the incredible work to date: we will cross-fertilize and amplify the work of
the many heroes who have already committed so much to addressing climate
● Take into account different ideas and perspectives: we’re willing to be challenged
and to challenge, we look for the best in people and the best, most sound and most
credible ideas, wherever they come from.
● Practise stubborn optimism: we recognize the scale of the problem, combined with
an absolute determination to build our way out.
● Seek progress not perfection: all of us can be criticized and many of those best able
to advance this issue are currently the biggest causes of it. We can’t allow cynical
greenwashing, but all who are serious about tackling climate change positively will be
● Be humble and generous: we keep our egos in check and work together for the good
of the whole

Code of Conduct

As a member of the Climate Champions Team you are required to adhere to the highest
standards of conduct and behaviour, protecting the integrity of the mandate from Parties,
the UNFCCC process, the UNFCCC institution and the COP presidency. Prior to joining the
team, you will be required to familiarise yourself with, and sign up to, the UNFCCC Code of
Conduct. And shortly after joining, there will be a number of mandatory induction meetings
to ensure you have the information and tools needed to work to the highest standards.

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