Deadline: 17.11.2022

Director, Global Decarbonization Strategy and Program Management/

United States

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, sustainability, or equivalent practical experience
  • 15 years of professional experience in clean energy, climate change, and corporate sustainability
  • Experience managing teams working in core related areas (GHG standards protocols, energy and climate policy, or global decarbonization)
  • Experience managing a portfolio of multiple campaigns and initiatives

Preferred qualifications:

  • 20 years of professional experience in clean energy, climate change, and corporate sustainability
  • Experience in climate and energy science, standards and policy, including developing and leading novel thought leadership positions, leading climate partnerships and coalitions and/or working with governmental stakeholders and similar institutions to advance progress on clean energy and climate change
  • Leadership experience influencing and collaborating across large scale organizations to drive new programs
  • Technical expertise in core related area, such as energy and climate policy, or global decarbonization
  • Ability to take initiative with excellent attention to detail and data-driven decision-making skills

About the job

The Google Climate Operations team is responsible for assuring that Google achieves 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy and Net Zero emissions for our global operations and value chain by 2030. We work cross-functionally across global operations and hardware supply chains to develop and scale solutions on energy and carbon. We also lead efforts to create the external market environments necessary to drive decarbonization to achieve goals internally and externally.

As Director of Global Decarbonization Strategy, you will grow and lead a team that works cross-functionally to develop science-based operations, business, and policy solutions that advance Google’s Net Zero goals and drive broader decarbonization across the global economy. We believe that reaching Net Zero involves driving transformational change in the ecosystems in which we operate, and your role will be to set strategy and lead efforts in this area. You will lead a team with expertise in greenhouse gas (GHG) standards and protocols, climate science and research, and methods for accelerating policy and market change in support of Net Zero goals.



  • Drive strategy and manage the development of strategic advocacy programs in service of the broader ecosystem changes needed to achieve 24/7 carbon-free energy and Net Zero.
  • Build and manage a function with the goal of creating the external market environment needed for Google to achieve its decarbonization goals in a way that enables others to follow.
  • Develop strategy and lead efforts to reform greenhouse gas standards and accounting protocols on energy and carbon to ensure voluntary corporate mitigation actions are maximized and recognized.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally on the development and execution of strategic advocacy initiatives with internal partner teams.
  • Oversee research and thought leadership that supports greater transparency and understanding of Google’s decarbonization goals and provides ideas and solutions for how to transform policies and markets in support of Net Zero.

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