The First International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction/

Organiser: Sharif University of Technology

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2 February, 2022


Sharif University of Technology


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Human Beings are using more than 1.5 times the biological capacity of the planet earth and solving the problems of climate change, environmental destruction, resource depletion, demographic change, and uncontrolled urbanization are among his major challenges. Meanwhile, the construction industry, despite its wide impact on the environment, society, and global economy, can widely help to solve these problems. It can play a key role in reducing GHG emissions, adapting towns and villages, neighborhoods and buildings to climate change, resource management, and regulating man-made conditions with rapid changes in environmental, economic, and social conditions. Accordingly, the increasing growth of urbanization and the consequent rapid increase in over-consumption of resources, necessitate an urgent need for sustainable management of the construction industry.

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