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13 October, 2022






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The Challenge


If we are going to meet the environmental targets set at COP 26, everyone needs to change their behaviour and their mindset when it comes to designing, constructing, adapting, and renovating buildings.

We will look to the broader economy to consider the wider climate risks and associated opportunities.

The UK built environment sector is responsible for 40% of the UK’s carbon; and we need to focus an all areas including reducing a building’s energy usage and its embodied carbon to minimise the impact of the sector. As an industry, we are ideally placed to make a real difference. But how do we meet the challenges?


Discussions & Insights


CABE’s Annual Conference and exhibition will explore the current environmental challenges that the industry is facing, bringing speakers including climatologists, government advisors and industry experts together to explore best practice, delving in to legislative changes and what they mean for you.


Bolton College
Climate Energy Impact

Climate change has a direct impact on the built environment. By examining its effects,

we discuss how to create buildings fit for the future.

Bolton College


Reducing the Impact of Construction

How can the government’s net zero carbon targets and upcoming regulations be met? By sharing expertise and insights

we discuss different ways to reduce construction’s impact on the environment.


Bolton College

Wider Climate Risks and Opportunities

How does the wider economy assess risks, liabilities, and opportunities? Looking to the finance and insurance industries

we discuss their influence and impact on the construction industry.


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