Africa Youth Climate Action Plan/

Organiser: AYM4COP, AYICC and GAYO

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10 September, 2022




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The Africa Youth Climate Action Plan (AYCAP) is a flagship project to ensure meaningful youth inclusion in decision making led by AYM4COP, AYICC and GAYO and it seeks to enlist priority actions young Africans have identified to effectively respond to climate change challenges on the continent. The actions enlisted are directed at the African government to prioritize and include in their national climate change response plans. However, young Africans also acknowledge that they have a role to play and have therefore also committed to driving actions enlisted in the AYCAP, and these are the actions that will be tracked annually ahead of each COP.
AYCAP will be one of the key outcomes of RCOY Africa covering all the key thematic areas identified by young people in Africa. To ensure inclusion in its development we are hosting a youth consultation meeting across all African regions and countries. The gathering of inputs from young Africans was officially kicked-off at Africa Climate Week that took place in Libreville, Gabon.

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