6 charts that show the state of biodiversity and nature loss – and how we can go ‘nature positive’

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World Economic Forum

“The planet is in the midst of a biodiversity and climate crisis… and we have a last chance to act… A nature-positive future needs transformative – game changing – shifts in how we produce, how we consume, how we govern, and what we finance.”

So says Marco Lambertini, the Director-General of WWF International in the conservation charity’s Living Planet Report 2022.

Looking ahead to the COVID-19-delayed United Nations’ Convention on Biological Diversity meeting (COP15) in Canada in December, Lambertini calls for the world to adopt a goal of being “nature positive” – actively restoring the planet’s living species rather than just halting their loss – by 2030.

Here are six charts from the report, which explain the extent of nature loss and what can be done to achieve the goal of becoming nature positive.

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