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At ‘Share Your Green Design’ we are on a mission to collect exemplary enviromentally concious projects from around the world. We are building a high-quality, high-detail database of green case studies – where architects, builders, investor and manufacturers can enhance their knowledge of sustainable design.

We want to see your built or unbuilt projects, papers, research findings, or anything else you believe the construction industry should know in order to improve environmental performance and reduce carbon emissions.

Our green database will focus on data! We welcome inspiring photographs and drawings, but we also want to share the figures, the analyses, and the calculations behind every project on our platform. Here, less is not more!

We therefore require each project to be accompanied with data, ideally a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), to allow us to create a platform full of knowledge, substance, and quality. This can be for a current design or a completed project – and it does not have to set new records in sustainability!

Our search for data is not for awards or competitions – it is to equip you, our community, with the tools and knowledge you need to fight against climate change, and to pursue an architecture that accommodates both us and the natural environment.

To tackle the climate crisis, we need tools, data, and inspiration. And we need to tackle it as a community!

Thank you for supporting our mission by sharing your green design with us and our community!

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. We are here to help you!

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